Sunday, July 24, 2011

Calculator software

I've done a bit of (very simple) computer programming in the past - mostly scripts to automate some server actions & reports - but never anything with a GUI. Recently, however, a change in some procedures at work has prompted the need for some custom software to bridge sales tracking and cash handling (yawn...). So what the heck does that have to do with Halloween?!? Not much, really, except that in the process of wrapping my head around Tkinter I've managed to write a little utility that encompasses most of the calculations I've written about in the past.

(I know - most of these calculators are available online already - it's really more of an exercise for me. Somebody may find it useful, though.)

There are both Windows and OSX (Intel only) versions. Feel free to download and/or redistribute all you like. All I ask is if you do redistribute it, please link back to this blog. I'd also appreciate any feedback you might have.